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Office de tourisme de Lisieux Pays d'auge
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What to see around Lisieux : Less than 1 hour driving

Deauville – Trouville – Cabourg – Honfleur… Discover the « Côte Fleurie » !

The sea only  30 minutes far from Lisieux !

Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg, Honfleur… Those norman places are well known all across the world ! We have great news for you : those special places are situated less than 30 minutes driving from Lisieux ! If you are looking for charming seaside resorts, Deauville, Trouville and Cabourg were build for you ! Nearby them, the medieval city of Honfleur offers you a unique exemple of picturesque normand harbour.

Beuvron-en-Auge and Bec-Hellouin… Two little sealed towns in France’s most beautiful villages !

Beuvron-en-Auge and le Bec-Hellouin at 30 minutes from Lisieux !

Are you looking for  beautiful landscapes ? You are going to love those two towns !

30 minutes far from Lisieux, sealed towns of Beuvron-en-Auge, near Cambremer, and not far from Bec-Hellouin , are inviting you to discover Normandy of long time ago. Wood panelling house, small wash house, … don’t miss the Bec-Hellouin Abbey.

Famous cider road…A real Normandy postcard!

Famous cider road, only 15minutes far from Lisieux

Located between Lisieux and Caen. Cider road is a touristic route, 40kilometers long.This route help you to discover many beauties and treasures of Pays d’Auge. Castles, Manor houses, half-timbered house, orchards, cider makers, distilleries and Normandy typical places !

Caen – Le Havre – Rouen… Great cities of Normandy

Caen, William the Conqueror city,  45 minutes far from Lisieux

45mn far from Lisieux, more than 1000years history can’t wait to be told to you! City of Duke of Normandy and King of England William the Conqueror (XI th Century) City of Caen is full of treasures : Ducal’s Castle is situated in the middle  of center-town (one of the biggest castle enclosure of Europe), two magnificent Abbeys (Abbey of St-Etienne, Caen and the  Abbayes aux Dames) the Peace Memorial, Normandy’s biggest museum on WWII.

Le Havre, center registered city as world heritage by UNESCO, 45 minutes far from Lisieux

45 minutes far from Lisieux, Le Havre  is a well-known port city and cruises. Entirely destroyed during the WWII, the city was rebuilt by Auguste Perret, famous architect and is nowadays center registered as world heritage by UNESCO.

Rouen and the Seine valley, one hour far  from Lisieux

One hour far from Lisieux,city of Rouen  is the historic capital of Normandy. From Jeanne d’Arc to Claude Monet, rich of its history, Rouen is resounding in people’s heads and has given a remarkable architectural environment. Around is the Seine Valley which definitely worth a visit.

Falaise’s castle… Return to the middle-age !

Falaise’s Castle is 45 minutes from Lisieux

Birthplace of William the Conqueror, Falaise‘s Castle dominates the city with its three dungeons , fifteen towers. Not to miss : virtual tour in 3D on touch pads, of this incredible Castle.

Normandy’s bridge… Former biggest bridge of the World !

Biggest cable-stayed bridge of the World from 1993 to 1998,  Normandy’s bridge is 30mn far from Lisieux

As you can notice, Normandy’s bridge is a link between Le Havre to Honfleur crossing the Seine and making a junction between higher-Normandy and lower-Normandy. Architectural achievement, this huge reinforced concrete is impressive by its gracefulness. Besides the fact( that you can cross it, you can also visit Normandy’s bridge on a guided tour.


Lisieux’ surrounding must sees : less than 2hours driving

6 juin 1944… Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno, Sword… Normandy’s D-day beaches !

The beachs of the bigget military operation ever tried are 1h30 far from Lisieux

One hour and a half from Lisieux, the Landing Beaches are a must-see in Normandy. Walk on the footsteps of heros of Liberty, from Omaha to Utah, from Sword to Gold without forgetting Juno.

The Bayeux Tapestry… A unique historical document classified at Unesco World Heritage !

The most famous tapestry in the world is 1h30 far from Lisieux

One hour and a half from Lisieux, the city of Bayeux welcomes a priceless treasure : The Bayeux Tapestry. This 1000 years old and 70 meters long tapestry is a masterpiece of roman art. It explains how Willima the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, has invaded England during the XI th century. In Bayeux, don’t miss also the cathedrale.

Le Pin national stud… The place to be for equestrian tourism in Normandy !

The famous national stud is 2 hours far from Lisieux

Look and listen, you will discover all horses secrets ! Le Pin national stud, situated in Le-Pin-au-Haras, is a must-sea in the Equestrain World and has a nickname : « Le Versaille du cheval ».

Giverny…  Impressionnist’s craddle !

The Impressionnist’s craddle is 2 hours far from Lisieux

Do you love art ? Discover Giverny and walk on the footpath of Impressionnists in Normandy. Do not miss the Calude Monet’s house and gardens.

The Étretat’s cliffs

The Étretat’s cliffs are 1h30 far from Lisieux

You will be surprised by the verticality and the wild beauty of Étretat’s cliffs ! The « Arche d’Aval », with its elephant trunk  drinking into the sea form, is well known Normandy cliché.


Lisieux’s surrounding must-sees : less than 3hours driving

The Mont-Saint-Michel… The emblematic site of Normandy !

How visiting the Normandy without going to the Mont-Saint-Michel in one of the must beautiful bay in the world ! It is the must-see in the Norman must-sees !

Cherbourg… The Cité de la Mer and the world biggest artificial harbour !

The Cité de la Mer and the world biggest artificial harbour are 2h30 far from Lisieux

Cherbourg, with its world biggest artificial harbour, offers you an open door on Cotentin’s seaside. Do not miss the Cité de la Mer to live the ocean’s great adventure.

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